The Big Picture – to get the big picture of events over time you need to obtain and analyse a lot of data from a number of different sources, CMMS, condition monitoring, SCADA, DCS, Production reporting. It is always difficult to identify links between these different silos of information but the TIME dimension is certainly always one.

The data ‘is what it is’ and the CMMS is normally capable of recording what is needed but it is a fact that as more automated monitoring and control systems are added this data is recorded elsewhere and does not find its way back to the CMMS. This could be one reason why there are so few meter based PMs active, as this data is not directly recorded in the CMMS and so frequency based PMs are the norm. The technician cannot record what he no longer sees.

The big picture shows where we burn the most resources, most failures, lost production, hours, costs and helps identify the bad actors, whether they are machine or human. We can then improve data quality and business processes, repair, redesign, replace equipment with a business case based on evidence and monitor improvement. This is a powerful tool for changing behaviours which is the first step towards continuous improvement.

The Analytics for EAM template┬ámodel delivers the ‘Big Picture’ for the continuous maintenance improvement process.

CMMS – Building the ‘Big Picture’

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