The upside of condition-based monitoring and digital control systems is that they are proactive in preventing failure but the downside is they frequently mask the cause of failures.

These near misses should be treated as failures and analysed as such.

It is important that every touch/visit/intervention on the equipment is recorded in the CMMS, e.g. trips and resets are not general duties for the electrical crew, they should be recorded as corrective work in the CMMS against the equipment involved. They are frequently an indicator of a problem elsewhere.

It is often impractical and there is a lot of resistance to raising a new work order in these instances for each return visit to the kit to reset, but the simple solution is to raise one corrective work order against the equipment and record each intervention against it until the problem is fixed. A failure problem/cause recorded as ‘Unknown’ should not be acceptable to supervisors/management looking for improvement.

Failure Analysis of ‘Near Misses’

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