Consulting Services – are delivered at an hourly rate of £100 GBP excluding VAT, travel and agreed expenses where applicable.  All training, mentoring, workshop activities must be pre-paid.  Development activities are delivered under an applicable purchase/service order and invoiced monthly in arrears.  Please contact us for a quotation or further information.

Whether you require training, mentoring, workshops with your data, use-case or prototype development, key skills are delivered as follows:

  • Vision: identifying and formulating business development and IT strategy based on emerging and existing products and technologies.
  • Imagination: combining strategy and technology with priorities to provide real benefits focused on business needs.
  • Enthusiasm: enlisting the cooperation and participation of management, business units and individuals through painting a realistic picture of the benefits of implementing new technology, applications and business processes.
  • Delivery: improving corporate communications and quality of information by providing an open and flexible approach to the business improvement processes including; project ownership, delegation and team building, short project cycles, and whenever practical a planned versus actual cost and benefit analysis to ensure maximum utilisation of existing resources.

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