Energy and utility companies implement enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions to resolve physical asset care requirements — that is, they provide maintenance support for fixed plants (such as power generation plants, water plants, refineries and offshore rigs), for linear distributed assets (such as power lines and pipelines), and/or for fleet assets (such as service equipment, transformers, pumping stations and wind generator towers).

Energy and utilities includes oil and gas [upstream, midstream and downstream], power generation [fossil, nuclear, hydroelectric and renewables], electricity transmission and distribution, gas transmission and distribution, and water/wastewater.

An EAM solution includes planning and scheduling, work order creation, maintenance history, and inventory and procurement, as well as equipment, component and asset tracking for assemblies of equipment.

The major vendors in this space can be seen on the Gartner 2014 Quadrant below.


Many of these software solutions support enterprise asset management in other key industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, life sciences, service providers and  transportation.

The underlying data structures (entities and attributes) of these different solutions are largely similar so it is possible with the necessary applications knowledge to construct an template model on top of them to deliver guided analytics applications.

Templates for Spotfire on IBM Maximo/SAP EAM will have the initial focus but other template solutions may be added in the future on request.


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