Watch the “Getting Started” videos

01: Introduction (video 07:13)

02: Connecting to Maximo (video 08:35)

03: EAM Template Demonstration (video 11:34)

The creation of the “Analytics Template” is based upon the knowledge and experience of many years of working with computerised maintenance systems, building data marts, dashboards/KPIs and the requirement to analyse asset management data.

The objective of the template is to deliver a plug’n’play approach to deliver a consistent and validated view of EAM data which can be used by end-user ‘consumers’ for self-service data discovery.

This approach has been used with a number of different EAMs (Maximo, SAP, Infor, IFS and others) and the template can be quickly adapted if required to your particular EAM.

The template also works as a data source for most popular BI, visualisation and data discovery tools.



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