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EAM Analytics Template

  • The template tutorials/videos have Spotfire Desktop connected to a Maximo 7.x schema on an Oracle 12c database instance.
  • These template examples were built with Spotfire Desktop 7.x but all functionality shown can also be delivered with Spotfire 10.x.

Notes/prerequisites for following the tutorials and building the template for Maximo:

  • If you do not have Spotfire already installed you can download a trial version of Spotfire Desktop here.
  • You will need a connection and login to your Maximo database instance.  To connect to the database from Spotfire you will need the appropriate client database driver installed (Oracle/SQL Server/DB2).
  • With a few minor changes the template could be built on Maximo 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or 7.x (see below).
  • If you need remote consulting support/assistance in installing the EAM Analytics template on a different database platform (SQL Server, DB2) or for another EAM solution a 5-day package is available for £10,000 GBP which includes a Corporate subscription.  Please contact us for further details.
  • Some pages and materials on building the EAM Analytics Template are for individual and corporate subscribers only

EAM Analytics Template modules:

  • Getting Started Series
    • 01: Introduction (video 07:13)
    • 02: Connecting to Maximo (video 08:35)
    • 03: EAM Template Demonstration (video 11:34)
    • 04: Creating the template end user objects/views
      • Create EAM Analytics ‘template’ schema user
      • Grant ‘select’ on Maximo schema objects
      • Create ‘template’ schema views
      • Compile the template package
    • 05: Create ‘template’ schema flattened PRIMARY location hierarchy
      • Link to Work Orders
    • 06: Extending the work order template (dimensions, measures, logic)
      • Review and augment Work Order dates
      • Grouping Work Types
      • Use WO Status for grouping/filtering
      • WO QA/QC indicators
    • 07: WO Long description
  • Work Order Management Series
    • 01: WO Template Visualisation/Dashboard Examples & Ideas
    • 02: WO Activity (Open/Closed)
    • 03: WO QA/QC Policing
    • 04: WO Backlog
    • 05: Schedule Compliance
    • 06: Planning
    • 07: Bad Actors/Failure Analysis
  • Inventory/Materials Management Series
  • Requisitions/Procurement Series

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