As the following case studies show real-time event processing and analytics using TIBCO CEP (Complex Event Processing), TIBCO Streambase plus the Live Datamart, and TIBCO Spotfire are delivering extreme value across a number of industries and verticals.

Considering the volumes, varieties of sensors and velocities of ‘Fast Data’ now present in the Energy sector, this vertical would appear to be lagging behind in the adoption of these CEP technologies and delivering value from the the ‘data lake’ of ‘dark data’ collected over decades.

Continuous Track and Trace Analytics
“By continuously analyzing every sensor event in real-time, we can identify and address issues before they impact delivery.” – Head of Logistics

Real-Time Robot Detection
“We went from laggard to leader in just months with StreamBase.” – MD fixed income trading

Event Processing for Telco Network & Call Center Analysis
“We must differentiate on the quality of services we provide in addition to our network.” – Head of IT, major telco provider

Trading Asset Management
“With StreamBase & Spotfire, we can analyze everything that impacts trade performance, and adjust to it on the fly.” – Head of IT, Asset Management

Oil Futures Trading
“We leapfrogged the trading competition with StreamBase, which helps us evaluate and act on hundreds of thousands of trading possibilities a day in real-time.” – CCC Head of IT

Fraud Detection and Monitoring
“Event-driven monitoring and fraud detection with StreamBase make it easy for us to whittle 100 million trading events down to the few that matter and ACT in real-time.” – Bruce Ostrover, BNY ConvgeEx

Real-Time Big Data “Fast Data”
Fraud detection, Phishing detection, Operations monitoring, Real-time ETL, Social media analytics

Gift Card Fraud Detection
“By combining event-based data with Hadoop, we can take considered action based on historical context, rather than being whip-lashed by looking at ONLY real-time events.”

Algorithmic Trading
“In three months we were up and trading, and we were the fastest auto quoter on the market.” – Head of algorithmic trading, top-tier broker dealer

Real-Time Betting
“With StreamBase, in two months we had our first betting analytics feed live, and we continually deploy new ideas and evolve our old ones.” – Alex Kozlenkov, VP of Technology, TXOdds

Fixed Income Algorithmic Pricing & Execution
“We went from laggard to leader in just months with StreamBase.” – MD fixed income trading

Predictive Sensor Analytics
“Understanding what’s about to happen helps us avoid outages and millions in lost revenue from drills in the field.” – VP, Oil Rig Compressor Company

Real-Time Trading System Monitoring
“It used to take hours to figure out which clients were impacted and how by trading system congestion or outages.  Now we have that information at our fingertips, and it provides exceptional client satisfaction to our clients who understand their trading goals.” – Head of IT


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