• AlgoTradingSituation: Wall Street Imperative to Deploy Algorithmic Trading
    • In the last 10 years, automated trade flow has gone from 5% to 80%
    • Good algo trading technology and time to market are critical to survival
  • Problem: How to Automate?
    • Manual log searching required to understand the business impact of system outages: Which clients affected?
    • Should we suggest they stop trading?
  • Solution: StreamBase for Algorithmic Trading
    • Algorithms developed 3-5X faster than if traditional technologies were used like databases or application servers
    • Requires low latency event processing, aggregation, scale
  • Business Impact: Algo Trading is Pure Competitive Advantage
    • Top tier broker: deployed StreamBase in 3 months and went from laggard to leader
    • Boston hedge fund: built system in 4 months that would have taken 4 years

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