• OilFuturesTradingSituation: Seize the Opportunity of Automation
    • Firm realized that there was lots of low hanging fruit in automating some trading strategies in 2009.
  • Problem: Batch Sweep Misses Opportunities
    • Previously, the firm “swept” market data every 15 minutes, assessing opportunities. But with the rise in market data availability, they realized this must turn real-time, and identified CEP as the right platform for the job.
  • Solution: New Automated Trading Apps Based on StreamBase
    • New applications assess hundreds of thousands of trading opportunities a day, automatically executes “no brainers,” and alerts trading staff of large opportunities.
  • Impact: Best Trading Period Ever; Volumes Up
    • Firm had it’s “best 6-month trading period ever” with the new StreamBase automation system, and overall volumes were “also at a historical high” after introducing StreamBase-based systems.

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