• Situation: Complex Trading InfrastructureReal-timeTradingSystem
    • 4,000 trading system instances running per day, millions of trading events per day, complex fan out of trades
    • One order can spawn as many as 10,000 executions
  • Problem: Hours to Understand Outages
    • Manual log searching required to understand the business impact of system outages:
      • Which clients affected?
      • Should we suggest they stop trading?
  • Solution: StreamBase Monitoring
    • Real-time analysis of the impact of trading system outages and congestion
    • TradeFlow was developed 3-5X faster than if traditional technologies were used like databases or application servers, and with those, it would not be real-time
  • Impact: Avoid Trade Outage Cost & Better Service
    • TradeFlow cuts hours of problem analysis down to < 1 minute, which helps CCC provides superior client services because they understand the business impact of infrastructure outages or congestion in real-time.

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