• TradingAssetMSituation: Major Asset Manager Needs Better and Faster Insight for Price Discovery
    • Which trades are slipping?
    • How close to target are we for participation rates?
    • How can we adjust our trading in the market now?
  • Problem: How Make Informed Real-Time Decisions?
    • Need real-time and historical trading analytics to put intra-day trading strategy adjustments in the proper context
  • Solution: TIBCO StreamBase, LiveView, and Spotfire
    • Firm deployed live visualization and analytics with StreamBase CEP, LiveView, and TIBCO Spotfire for traders & portfolio managers to assess real-time and historical trade performance at once.
  • Impact: Improved Intra-day Adaptability of Trading Strategies
    • Solution helps allow traders and PM’s understand where their trade performance is going, and adjust trading strategies during the day

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