Guided analytics applications that typically interest Exploration Managers, Geologists Geophysicists and Petro-physicists.  The following case study examples provide an overview of the analysis and insights delivered.


Geochemical Interpretation and analysis is a common area of study to gain an understanding of where the oil and gas deposits were formed and how that oil or gas may have migrated to its discovery reservoir.

Regional Geology Quality Control can rely on many systems and data sources for generating and analyzing prospects on a region by region basis.  Because of the many sources and systems, data easily gets “out of sync.”

Basin Assessment is constantly reassessing the activity within these basins to better understand risk and opportunities.

Log Analysis for Geophysicists who want to be able to analyze log data to relate it back to seismic data.

Log Analysis—GOM Facies Prediction to develop a technique for better assessing the presence of Sheet versus Channel sands in the Gulf of Mexico.

Core Analysis of data from Core Labs and the need to better analyze it.

Seismic Attribute Analysis and the challenge to locating exploration targets.




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