A Basin Studies group is chartered to help business units with some of their regional geological study.  Geochemical analysis is a common area of study for this group.  The primary focus of this type of study is to gain an understanding of where the oil and gas deposits were formed and how that oil or gas may have migrated to its discovery reservoir.  This knowledge could then be used to determine strategies for exploiting the basin.


  • What type of source rock did this hydrocarbon come from?
  • How similar is this sample to other samples in the field?
  • How can each oil be classified?

Spotfire solution: Deploy Spotfire Analyst to import data from the GeoMark Research’s database of oil samples allowing for rapid ad-hoc analysis of the data.

Delivered the ability to quickly analyze the data from GeoMark.  Client estimates an improvement of 5X and an improved knowledge of the data.  The users also indicate that they feel that they have gained a competitive edge because the information is available to all companies, but that their knowledge is better due to the use of tools like Spotfire Analyst.



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