In mature fields it is important to continuously look for opportunities to optimize production and costs.  At one client the asset teams routinely review waterfloods by pattern in weekly, monthly or quarterly reviews depending on the asset.  The teams specifically want to review an individual injector well profile with its production well profiles.  The teams found the preparation of the materials for the review tedious and time-consuming.  The company recognized also a lack of consistency between asset teams and an alarming number of tools being used for the same task.


  • How long does it take for a change in well injection to affect a producer?
  • Which wells do not respond?
  • Where should we place more water?
  • What wells need more injection support?

Spotfire Solution:  The client deployed Spotfire Analyst and Spotfire Server with appropriate data connections to the corporate data store.  In addition the company consultatively established a common practice for interactively creating the materials “on the fly” in the reviews.  The individual teams no longer have to prepare static reports prior to pattern review meetings.  Each team now can review a larger number of patterns on a more frequent basis increasing the likelihood of spotting opportunities faster.

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