Analytics for Engineers

A premier analytics support and call-off service to coach and mentor E&P engineers of all disciplines to be the future citizen data scientists within their organisations and to assist IT in delivering data to support analytics and self-service data discovery.

Using an initial 5-day engagement to identify and build as many analytic tool use cases as possible on a one to one basis with one or more engineers.

Thereafter, on a call-off hourly charging basis, through web meetings and remote working providing advice, guidance, best practice and coaching to build out, refine and polish the analytic tools and workflows.

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Connecting and accessing data directly for use in your analyses

  • Using Information Links, Data connections (In-memory, In-Database, On-Demand, Data Library files)
  • ETL (Extract, Transform and Load)
  • Data Functions
  • Calculated columns and the OVER statement
  • Joining tables (Relations)
  • Pivoted and Unpivoted table structure
  • OSIsoft PI connector

Building and Authoring Analytic Tools and Workflows

  • Choosing the right visualisations
  • Using Filters/Marking/Text Areas
  • Adding Maps/Images (ArcGIS, WMS data sources)
  • Using TERR/Scripts
  • Publishing for Consumers (Webplayer)
  • Building/Publishing for different devices (phone, iPad etc.)
  • Automation Services and Scheduling
  • Accessing community resources


  • OOTB Statistical Modelling/Multivariate analysis/Machine Learning
  • Data Relationships, K-Means Clustering, Line Similarity, Hierarchical Clustering, Regression Modelling, Classification Modelling
  • Adding community custom models (TERR)
  • Adding other visualization types using JSViz
  • Python scripting
  • Building Information Links
  • Real-time Predictive and Event Driven Analytics (TIBCO Spotfire/Streambase)



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