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Many E&P IT teams are already resource stretched to manage a complex infrastructure landscape and applications portfolio to support their business users use of these applications and related traditional implementation projects.

E&P is way behind other similar industries in terms of the use of analytics and a lack of local internal IT knowledge beyond Business Intelligence/Dashboards towards advanced predictive and event driven analytics slows innovation in this area.

It is not unusual to hear talk/promotion around introducing advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence however, in most instances they are unfortunately locked in a resource constrained comfort zone of Business Intelligence and self-service dashboards.

Automation is reducing the proliferation of spreadsheets/spreadmarts and now ‘experimenting’ with PowerBI, SharePoint lists, Azure etc. the analytics strategy/hope is that their own engineering community, industry backed initiatives and vendors will deliver the self-service ‘silver bullet’ advanced analytics applications on their own.

In many cases the advanced analytics tool (TIBCO Spotfire) is available on the desktop but the IT department and internal COE cannot meet the global demand to build analytics use cases and connect the engineers directly to the many data sources that they need to analyse business problems, deliver insights and initiate action.

The E&P Engineering community are integral to delivering the analytical value locked in this vast depth of data. There are quick wins and extreme business value in E&P analytics use-cases if they are given the coaching to unlock and deliver them. Spending their time analyzing rather than crunching data.

What the E&P engineers are currently missing is the knowledge and skills to use Spotfire to its full capability, to make sense of their data to deliver repeatable analytical processes on the desktop and the browser to the consumers of their analyses for evidence-based decision making.

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